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Public Schools Fencing Championships Sponsored by the Leon Paul Equipment Co Ltd.
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General Information

Assuming that the public health situation and the law permit it the 2021 Public Schools' Fencing Championships will be held at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre, Lee Valley Leisure Complex, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton, N9 0AR on Tuesday 16th, Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th March, 2021.

Tuesday 16th March 2021

Boys' Senior Foil

Girls' Senior Foil

Boys' Junior Epée

Girls' Junior Foil

Boys' Mount-Haes Epée

Girls' Mount-Haes Foil

Wednesday 17th March 2021

Boys' Senior Epée

Girls' Senior Epée

Boys' Junior Foil

Girls' Junior Epée

Boys' Mount-Haes Foil

Girls' Mount-Haes Epée

Thursday 18th March 2021

Boys' Senior Sabre

Girls' Senior Sabre

Boys' Junior Sabre

Girls' Junior Sabre

Boys' Mount-Haes Sabre

Girls' Mount-Haes Sabre

Entry pages will open on Monday 30th November 2020.
Entry pages will close at midnight Friday 12th February 2021.
Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Following the agreement made at the meeting of Teacher's i/c Fencing during the 2010 Championships, schools are limited to a maximum of 10 fencers in any one event.

 School Referees

It is a requirement for those schools with 5 - 9 entries on any one day to provide 1 referee at their own cost. Schools with 10 - 19 entries on any one day are required to provide 2 referees at their own cost. Schools with 20 or more fencers on any one day are required to provide 3 referees at their own cost.

There is an expectation that school referees will be competent at the weapons being fenced on the day they are provided.

Please fill in the names of your nominated referees in the 'Referees' box at the top of the second page of the Entry Summary Sheet.

If a school fails to provide the required number of individuals whose sole function is to referee they are liable to have their entries capped to the appropriate level on that particular day. The referee must report to DT by the close of check-in of the first event in which the school is taking part that day.

The Organising Committee have agreed that further to the paragraph above, those schools who fail to provide their required number of referees in any one year will not be allowed to take part in the Championships the following year.


All competitors must be at a school represented on the Head Masters' Conference or the Girls' Schools' Association during the term in which the Championships are held. (A school that ceases to be so represented may continue to enter pupils as long as it competes each year).

Age Limits


Fencers born before 1st Sept 2004


Fencers born on or between
1st Sept 2004 and 31st Aug 2006


Fencers born on or between
1st Sept 2006 and 31st Aug 2008


All events will be fenced with electric weapons throughout.
The following blade sizes will apply to the “Mount-Haes” events:
Foil: Size 3. Epée & Sabre: Size 2.

Team Events

Eligibility for team events is to be found on the trophy page.


All schools not currently registered are required to register with us to confirm their eligibility. Registration may be done before the entry pages open. The Teacher i/c Fencing should go to the registration page and complete all details required. After submitting the details you will receive a password that will allow access to the entry pages when they are open. If you have forgotten your password or the school contact email address has changed, please do not re-register the school. Use the contact page to let us know and an email will be sent giving the necessary details.

Entry Fees

The entry fee will remain at £25.00 per fencer per event for the 2021 Championships. Please note that once entries are submitted at the closing of the entry pages, we expect full payment of the entry fees as shown on the school’s entry summary form.

Refunds will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Signed entry summary sheets and a cheque for the full entry fees as shown on the sheet or payment by bank transfer for the full entry fees should be received by the Organising Committee Treasurer at the latest 26th February 2021.

Should full fees as shown on the entry summary sheet not be received, a school’s total entry may be suspended and their registration on the PSFC website deactivated. Entries for the following year’s Championships will not be allowed until full payment has been received and a £50 reactivation fee may be charged.

Entry Pages

As an aid to help you prepare your entry a sheet is available to print off. This will allow you to collate all the necessary information about your fencers to help you with the entry process when the entry pages open. The information required for each fencer is their name, gender, date of birth, weapon(s) to be fenced and emergency telephone number.

Could you please pay particular attention to obtaining the fencer's correct date of birth as this automatically puts the fencer in to their correct age group event when you enter their details on the entry page.


The Championships will be held in accordance with the British Fencing rules with a mixture of Pools and Direct Elimination. The Organising Committee reserves the right to make such changes as it considers necessary for the smooth running of the competition.

The British Fencing guidelines concerning safe clothing and equipment are brought to the attention of competitors and Teachers-in-Charge; they will be strictly enforced. In particular, masks must have back-straps in good condition. The wearing of breeches and long socks is compulsory in all events. Track suit bottoms are not allowed. Gloves should be in good condition, without holes, and close easily over the sleeve of the fencing jacket.

The following table explains the minimum kit and clothing strengths we require fencers to wear during the 2021 Championships.

Senior Events

Junior Events

Mount-Haes Events

Weapon size



Epée & Sabre: 2; Foil: 3


350N (CEN 1)

350N (CEN 1)

350N (CEN 1)


350N (CEN 1)

350N (CEN 1)

350N (CEN 1)


800N (CEN 2)

800N (CEN 2)

350N (CEN 1)

Sabre Gloves

800N (CEN 2)

800N (CEN 2)


Chest protectors





350N (CEN 1)

350N (CEN 1)


Long socks




*We require all Mount-Haes fencers to wear breeches and long socks as part of our entry requirement.

Any competitor whose equipment is deemed unsafe (in the view of the Committee, whose decision shall be final) will not be permitted to compete.

**Masks with lamé bibs are a requirement in the Senior and Junior foil events. The lamé bib is not required for the Mount-Haes events.

800N sabre gloves are a requirement in the Senior and Junior sabre events. They are not required for the Mount-Haes events.

Independent Referees

We will also arrange accommodation for those referees who are prepared to spend more than one day with us. However, this will only apply to those who register with us beforehand and receive confirmation from us that they are expected. Please use the contact page on the PSFC web site, giving your name, refereeing experience, the days you can referee, whether you require accommodation and the approximate value of your travel costs.

Schools' Responsibilities

The Committee and organisers of the Championships attempt to ensure that they take place in a safe and secure way and can confirm to schools that they do have arrangements in place for first aid provision. However, schools are reminded that the safety and welfare of young fencers remains with them and the nominated responsible adult who is acting “in loco parentis”. Schools entering fencers are responsible for arranging the correct number of staff/supervisors in the appropriate male/female ratio to properly supervise their pupils attending the Championships.

Schools' Insurance Responsibilities

Schools must ensure their pupils are insured whilst competing in the Championships. The PSFC Committee provide Public Liability Insurance cover for the Championship’s organising team and those attending the event as required by the venue.

The Championships are not registered with British Fencing. However British Fencing membership will provide insurance cover for fencers competing in the Championships.
Membership of British Fencing is not a requirement for fencers to take part in the Championships. If a fencer is not a member of British Fencing, their school must ensure that their own insurance policy covers their pupil for accident and injury whilst competing in the sport of Fencing at the Championships.



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