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Public Schools Fencing Championships Sponsored by the Leon Paul Equipment Co Ltd.
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PSFC: Teachers' Information for Risk Assessment 

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1.0 LVAC


1.1 Security

The sports centre is in full time use throughout the Championships. The centre is open to the general public.

1.2 Changing

There are male and female changing rooms available for all using the sports centre. Adults and children are not separated.

1.3 Personal belongings

There are a limited number of lockers available for general use. These are in the corridor outside the gymnasium. The PSFC Committee do not provide secure storage for any individual’s personal belongings.

1.4 Vehicles

There is ample free parking for coaches, mini-buses and cars. The car parking area is directly outside the main entrance. There is no supervision of the car parks: valuables should not be left in vehicles.

1.5 “In loco parentis”

The PSFC Committee require all schools to provide adequate numbers of staff to supervise the number of pupils they have attending the Championships. The PSFC Committee cannot themselves provide any form of supervision for children and will not accept that responsibility.

1.6 Food and drink

There is a café selling hot food and sandwiches.

1.7 Disabled access

Pathways from car parks to the sports centre are flat.  No part of the venue required for fencing access requires the use of steps.


2.0 Fencing areas


2.1 Areas used

Fencing takes place in the centre of the running tack and in the throwing area near the south window.

2.2 Floors

The floor is an indoor running track.

2.3 Pistes

The Main Arena will have roll-out conductive pistes. These will all have remote control scoring apparatus.
Outside pistes will be taped onto the floor and may contain non-score and time boxes.

2.4 Ventilation

The venue has good ventilation.

2.5 Non-fencing areas

We would ask all fencers to refrain from fencing in those areas not designated for the competition. This includes the sprint track on the raised level and performance gym where elite athletes will be training.

2.6 Bags

Bag spaces will be made available around the running track and in some of the bleacher seating areas.



3.0 Technical Equipment


3.1 Scoring apparatus

All scoring apparatus is supplied by Leon Paul Fencing Company Ltd. and is typical of that used regularly in clubs and at other competitions.
Where hand-held remotes are used by referees the score boxes will be mains powered. Cables are taped securely to the floor and they are fitted with rcd connector plugs which cut power in case of damage.
All remaining standard score boxes are battery powered.



4.0 Fencing kit


4.1 Masks

All masks should be of at least the minimum strength resistance as specified by the British Fencing safety guidelines. Masks must not be deformed in any way. Bibs should not have tears in them. Backstraps should be in good condition, a minimum of 35mm wide, and located correctly on the head below the mask spring. Transparent masks are not allowed. Masks deemed unsafe will be confiscated for the duration of the Championships.

4.2 Clothing

The PSFC Committee require all fencers to wear full fencing kit including breeches and long socks. All clothing should be of at least the minimum strength resistance as specified by the British Fencing Association for the relevant age group and summarised on our website information page.
All referees are instructed to check kit and clothing is of the relevant standard and is in good order before fencing begins.
Girls must wear chest protectors.

4.3 Weapons

Weapons control is not carried out at the Championships. However, some referees reserve the right to carry out weapons testing at the piste. The referees will however check weapons for safety purposes. Any weapon considered unsafe will be confiscated for the duration of the Championships.
The PSFC Committee realise that some fencers in the competition are not experienced enough to know whether the weapon they are using is in a dangerous condition. We would hope and expect that schools would check all weapons and fencing equipment before sending them to Lee Valley.



5.0 Medical


5.1 First-aid

Staff members of Lee Valley are trained in first-aid.
The PSFC Committee hire specialist first-aid provision to attend over the 3 days of the Championships.

5.2 Doctor

The PSFC Committee do not specifically provide a doctor to be present over the 3 days.

5.3 Physiotherapist

The PSFC Committee do provide a physiotherapist to be present throughout the event. A small charge is made for non-emergency treatment.

5.4 Ambulance

The PSFC Committee do not provide an ambulance service. In the event of a serious illness or injury we will use the 999 emergency service to call an ambulance to the site.

5.5 Hospital

LVAC is situated near the following hospital with an A&E department.
North Middlesex University Hospital, Sterling Way. London N18 1QX.
Telephone: 020 8887 2000

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