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2007 Minutes - Teachers Meeting

held in the Crystal Suite, Crystal Palace NSC, on Wednesday March 21 st 2007 at 3.15pm.

Present: Brian Howes (Chairman), Keith Smith (C.O. & Whitgift), Jon Milner (Hon. Treasurer & Wimbledon High), Nick Chapman (Accommodations & Bromsgrove & Alice Ottley), Abigail Ball (Elizabeth College), Peter Barrett (Alleyn's), Anthony Cadle (Hymers College), Martyn Collier (Warwick), Dennis Cruse (Tonbridge), George Felletar (Wellington), John Field (St Helen & St Katharine), Shelley Gosher (KCS Wimbledon), Mary Harris (Cheltenham Ladies College), Mark Harrison (Bradfield College), Dan Keep (Sutton Valence), Peter Northam (King Edward's Birm., King Edward's High, Birm., & King's Warwick), David Sach (Brentwood), Stuart Scorgie (Clifton College), Phil Smith (Bromsgrove, Warwick & Alice Ottley), Mavis Thornton (Arnold), Manola Toschi-Restivo (Bishop Challoner), Eliot Williams (Millfield).

•  The minutes of the meeting of March 22 nd 2006 were approved.

•  Matters arising:

•  Four trophies have been donated since last year's Championships:

The Bishop Challoner Cup (M T-R) for highest points total scored in Girl's Mount-Haes E, F & S events. The Boys' Epee Cup (NC) for highest points total scored in the S, J & M-H Boys' Epee events. The Hymers College Cup (Richard and Maggie Lloyd Jones) for the highest points total from a co-educational school with 30 entries or less and with at least one boy's and one girl's entry. The Lady Eleanor Holles Cup ( Kate Smith), girls' equivalent of the Hilary Hammond trophy but with 15 entries or less.

The refurbishment works to the south end toilets, changing rooms and provision of disabled access lift had been completed. The north balcony floor had been completely replaced. Re-siting of arena main entrance to south doors was almost complete.

CP had provided more water fountains as per the request at last year's meeting.

The committee had provided banners as per the request at last year's meeting.

Risk assessment information had been provided on the web-site.

The website had been changed so that accommodations could not be booked without adding an adult's name. The wording on the summary sheets now clearly states that adults should not leave their charges in the Lodge without adult supervision being present at all times.

ID badges had been introduced.

•  BH expressed his thanks to all those who had come forward to referee this year and also his thanks to Barry and Joan Paul for their continued support of the championships and the donation of prizes for all our individual winners. Also thanks to the staff from GLL (the centre's management company) for their help in setting up the arena.

BH gave an update on the NSC: the new sports centre will not now go ahead as CP is not an Olympic venue. However, because it will hopefully be used as a training camp, £4.5million of refurbishment works to the pool will commence in the autumn. This will mean the whole centre will be closed for 4-6 months, but was expected to re-open before next year's Championships.

•  Floor space:

•  the revised layout to the main arena was seen as a positive move to answer the concerns raised over safety at last year's meeting. The ban on fencing bags in the fencing areas was also seen as a positive step. The increase in the number of conductive pistes was welcomed. The floor markings used to define walkways on the east balcony and the provision of designated areas for individual schools to set up camp were also welcomed.

•  First-aid:

•  concerns were raised about the siting of the first-aid room on the lower floor and the signs indicating its location. The meeting felt it would be much better if the treatment room could be on the balcony level so the operatives could overlook the fencing areas.

•  KS spoke about the significant number of students who now come back to referee. By introducing payment, the numbers returning meant the competition ran much more quickly. Most were reasonably competent and there were fewer problems of bias. NC noted that this was the first time every bout had been refereed. KS also thanked JM, Kate Smith and Tom Milner for their work on designing the new layout. MH (CLC) expressed concerns to KS over the late finish to the competition events the previous evening ( 9.30pm ). KS explained that with the continued growth in entry numbers later finishes were inevitable unless solutions such as limiting entry were introduced. DC and the rest of those present were vociferous in their objections to limiting entries.

•  Further to the introduction of ID badges, DS wondered whether photo ID's would improve the running of the event by enabling “access areas” for specific cards only. JM to look at costs of equipment.

•  As KS had to return to the control box he expressed his thanks to Maggie Lloyd-Jones, Karen Kuhlmey, Rochelle Dazeley and Eileen Buist for their help with check-in, to Kate Smith for recording the team results and to Rodney and Jean Francis for running the competition computer. The meeting in return thanked him for his efforts.

•  Barry Paul of Leon Paul joined the meeting. He expressed his thanks to the committee and also said that he thought the improvements to the layout and equipment provided made the event look much more professional. He then gave a quick presentation on the new supervisor's course that LP are introducing for teachers and others who are involved in organising fencing but have no coaching expertise.

•  Dates for 2008:

•  BH asked the meeting whether they were happy to return to Crystal Palace next year and that March 11 th -13 th had been pencilled in by the committee because of the early date for Easter. MT raised the prospect of new GCSE science exams occurring at the same time, which could affect numbers attending. DS felt this would not be a problem. The committee were also asked to look at the proposed dates of the Rosslyn Park Rugby Sevens competition, and to avoid a clash of dates if possible.

•  Website:

•  following the arrival of several pupils (from one school) without adult supervision, and in light of the fact that an ambulance had to be called on two successive days, NC felt that the wording on the entry form should be changed to stress the requirement that all fencers should accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.

The meeting closed at 4.15pm.

•  Post-meeting EW made the suggestion that a “ready area” be considered. This could be sited below the control room and a referee and the next poule of fencers called there. Kit could be checked, and once the poule sheet is produced they could then move to the piste as a complete group

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