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Public Schools Fencing Championships Sponsored by the Leon Paul Equipment Co Ltd.
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Public Schools' Fencing Championships
sponsored by The Leon Paul Equipment Co. Ltd.

Minutes of the Teacher's Meeting

held in the Referees Room, University of Nottingham Sports Centre,
on Wednesday March 19th 2008 at 3.40pm.

Present: Brian Howes (Chairman), Keith Smith (C.O. & Whitgift), Jon Milner (Hon. Treasurer & Wimbledon High), Nick Chapman (Accommodations & Bromsgrove & RGSAO), Chris Barnett (Hampton), Anthony Cadle (Hymers College), Ruth Clements (RGS Newcastle), Julie Dyer (Elizabeth & Ladies College), Shaun Garley (Wycliffe College), Clare Halsted (University College), Mark Harrison (Bradfield College), Karen Khulmey (Wycombe Abbey), Lynne Melia (Malvern College), Danielle Mugridge (Sir William Perkins'), Christopher Penney (Tonbridge), David Sach (Brentwood), Mavis Thornton (Arnold), Manola Toschi-Restivo (Bishop Challoner), Marilyn Walker (Alleyn's), Eliot Williams (Millfield).

•  The minutes of the meeting of March 21st 2007 were approved.

Matters arising: It was asked that the minutes be actively sent to schools rather than just placed on the website.

•  BH expressed his thanks to all those who had come forward to referee this year and also his thanks to Barry and Joan Paul for their continued support of the championships and the donation of prizes for all our individual winners. Thanks to Clare Halsted for the donation of a trophy for the boys' foil events; the Nick Halsted Cup. Also to the “Old Millfieldians” who had donated a trophy for the girls' sabre events. BH gave an update on Crystal Palace: works were ongoing but should be complete by the autumn. A provisional booking had been made for next year's Championships (dates below).

BH explained the committee's decision to only present plaques to the L4 in any event where the entry was 32 or less in number.

•  A brief discussion followed on the layout and facilities at this year's Championships with general approval. Space was tight but people were just getting on with it.

The format including the %cut was again discussed and the reasons for the current position succinctly explained by KS. The format will remain unchanged unless entry numbers change significantly next year.

•  KS thanked the significant number of ex-PSFC competitors who now come to referee.

•  AC raised the question over the issue of photography passes and that they are easily available on a desk in the entrance area. Whilst there is a form to complete there is no active supervision of this or a check on the person picking up the badge. KS pointed out that strictly speaking full id (passport or photo driving licence) is now a requirement with most sports. BH confirmed the committee will discuss the matter at their next meeting and introduce changes next year.

•  BH raised the issue of the intimidation of referees. There had been some complaints from referees of over-zealous support of their fencers by some schools' coaches and criticism of refereeing decisions. He wished to remind all present that our referees are volunteers and that as in all sports referees can and do make mistakes.

•  Dates for 2009: March 17th , 18th & 19th 2009 have been provisionally booked at Crystal Palace.

•  The meeting closed at 4.30pm.

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