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Public Schools Fencing Championships Sponsored by the Leon Paul Equipment Co Ltd.
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Public Schools’ Fencing Championships
sponsored by The Leon Paul Equipment Co. Ltd.

Minutes of the Meeting of Teachers i/c Fencing

held in the Room G1, Crystal Palace Sports Centre,
on Wednesday March 17th 2010 at 4.00pm.

Present: Brian Howes (Chairman), Jon Milner (Hon. Treasurer & Wimbledon High), Nick Chapman (Accommodations & Bromsgrove & RGSAO), Martha Bernstein (Victoria College), Jane Browne (Wellington), Anthony Cadle (Hymers College), Mark Chapman (King’s Canterbury), Julie Dyer (Elizabeth College), Patricia Fenwick (Foyle & Londonderry),  Jane Gladstone (Ladies College), Clare Halsted (University College School), Mark Harrison (Bradfield College), Ruth Lambert (RGS Newcastle), David Sach (Brentwood), Stuart Scorgie (Clifton College), Eliot Williams (Millfield), Trevor Woolliams (RGS High Wycombe).

Before the meeting began BH made apologies for Charles Gault, former Chairman of the annual meeting of Teachers i/c Fencing at the PSFC. Charles was incumbent for 15 years and after attending last year’s championships had hoped to be with us again this year. Unfortunately illness had prevented his visit.

  1. The minutes of the meeting of March 20th 2009 were approved.

  2. It was noted that the minutes had been actively e-mailed to schools before the championships.
    The issue of photography passes had once again come to the fore. A parent had asked CP for a photo pass at their information desk. It then emerged that we are now required to not only identify photographers and issue our own photo passes but then require them to go to the CP desk and have a second pass issued. If we cannot find a simpler arrangement a note will be added to next year’s website information page.

  3. BH gave an update on Crystal Palace: works are still in progress. Generally the installation of blinds to the west windows and improvements to the air conditioning had made the main arena a better place for fencing. There were comments on the state of some of the toilet facilities, doors missing from cubicles etc., however some toilet and changing areas have been completely refurbished and by next year most areas should be improved. There were also comments on the total lack of free drinking water. This will be addressed by JM.

  4. On trophies, BH commented that some are still being returned in a poor state, though fewer than in previous years. One school had produced a new carry box and it was to be hoped others would follow suit. He thanked Brentwood School for donating a trophy for the school scoring the highest points total in the girl’s junior events. It was not clear to all schools that the trophies awarded for “improvement” (the Centenary and Graham Langton Cups) could only be won by schools which had actually competed in the previous year. This point would be clarified in next year’s website information page.

  5. A discussion followed on this year’s Championships with general approval from those present. Delegating bag areas for large schools and the smaller schools from the same region had worked well.

  6. The venue for 2011 was discussed. There were pros and cons for both CP and Nottingham University. Fencing space, people space and accommodations all came up in the discussion. It was agreed that we would return to CP in 2011and would do our best not to clash with the Roehampton 7s rugby event. Suggested dates were 22nd – 24th March. JM to confirm.

  7. The matter of capping numbers of fencers in particular events was raised. This year some of the events were particularly large (MJE had 151 entries). It was suggested that schools be limited to entering a maximum of 10 fencers in any one event. After discussion this was agreed by those present on a show of hands.

  8. NC raised some issues with fencing equipment still being used incorrectly, particularly the use of sabre masks when fencing epee which can cause hits to not register.

  9. The new foil target ie the introduction of lame bibs was discussed. It was agreed that the new target would not be enforced at next year’s championships but would once again be an agenda item for review at the meeting of teachers i/c fencing.

  10. BH thanked Tom Milner and David Sach for their sterling work in the control box and Jon Milner for all his hard work at every single stage of preparing for and running the Championships.

  11. The meeting closed at 5.15 pm.


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