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Public Schools Fencing Championships Sponsored by the Leon Paul Equipment Co Ltd.
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Public Schools’ Fencing Championships
sponsored by The Leon Paul Equipment Co. Ltd.

Minutes of the Meeting of Teachers i/c Fencing

held in the Meeting Room, Crystal Palace Sports Centre,
on Wednesday 23rd March 2011 at 4.00pm.

Present: Brian Howes (Chairman), Jon Milner (Hon. Treasurer & Wimbledon High), David Sach (Organiser & Brentwood), Nick Chapman (Accommodations & Bromsgrove & RGSAO), Martha Bernstein (Victoria College), Jane Browne (Wellington), Anthony Cadle (Hymers College), Nigel Carr (Brentwood), John Chorley (Benenden), Denis Cruse (Tonbridge), Julie Dyer (Elizabeth College), Matthew Gale (St Benedict’s, Ealing), Jane Gladstone (Ladies College), Clare Halsted (University College School), JH Kazi (Charterhouse), Jacob Leland (Eton College), Andy Reid (Nottingham High), Hugh Salimbeni (Westminster), Phil Smith (Bedford Modern), Manola Toschi-Restivo (Bishop Challoner).

  1. The minutes of the meeting of March 17th 2010 were approved.
    It was noted that the minutes had been actively e-mailed to schools before the championships.

    Matters arising: The issue of photography passes had been resolved, CP no longer issue passes so we have continued with our own registration system as used in previous years. It was requested that a note be added to highlight that flash photography should not be used during bouts.
    The state of some of the ladies toilet facilities, doors missing from cubicles etc. was noted as not having improved since the previous year.
    The position re drinking water had also not improved although the new cafe was generally welcomed.
    The clarification on eligibility for winning the Centenary and Graham Langton Cups had been updated on the website.

  2. DC
    (i) raised the issue of how the “cap system” had been agreed at last year’s meeting. Because there was no notice of what was to be discussed he had left the venue before the meeting took place. The Chairman apologised that DC had not been consulted and explained that the committee had believed that all schools likely to be directly affected had been consulted even before the start of the 2010 Teachers’ Meeting (and certainly before the committee took the decision).
    (ii) felt strongly that if major changes to the running of the Championships were being considered there should be some form of prior notification made to schools. It was agreed that at the very least the agenda for the Teachers’ Meeting would be published early on the Wednesday morning and put on the notice boards at the venue.
    (iii) also suggested that the minutes of Teachers’ Meetings should be circulated to schools before the end of the relevant academic year. Accepted.

  3. Trophies: thanks were given to the woodwork master at Eltham College for producing a very fine carry box for the Hillary Hammond Trophy. There is still one vacant trophy (Girls’ Senior, Junior and Mount-Haes Epee) for which offers would be welcomed.

  4. A discussion followed on this year’s Championships with general approval from those present. Comments were made on the accessibility of the venue; there had been major delays because of road-works in the area, and it was not very close to motorway exit points. It was noted that we do publish a contact phone number so that, given problems whilst travelling, schools can contact the venue to let the organisers know they are on the way but delayed. The use of floor managers in both fencing areas was to be encouraged. It was noted that we had not had anyone in this role because of the number of referees we had this year. AC suggested that we use non-refereeing staff for this role. The quality of refereeing was generally felt to be improving – there is a selection process on non-school referees- and those coming forward at the event itself were invaluable.

  5. The entry cap was discussed: JM noted that only two schools had entered more than 10 fencers in any one event, but, following a reminder, they had rectified the situation before the entry close date. AR felt that for new schools to the Championships it presented a difficulty with trying to promote the sport within the school. DS explained the reasoning behind the system and expressed the strong view that having introduced the cap we should use it for 2-3 years and then review whether it was a positive move as we would then be able to see whether it had an effect on the team trophy results. The meeting agreed to keep the same cap (maximum of 10 entries per event) for the 2012 Championships.

  6. The use of lame bibs was discussed. Rather than discussing this issue on an annual basis, NC proposed that we introduce the new foil target at the 2015 Championships. This would give schools time to update their armouries in an orderly manner. The meeting agreed to this proposal and the foil lame bib will therefore be a requirement in the senior and junior foil events at the 2015 Championships. Following on with a general discussion on fencing kit and safety issues JM proposed that all plastrons should be of the 800N standard. The meeting agreed that we could also include this standard from 2015 giving schools time to up-rate their armouries. NC noted that whilst the standard of fencing kit was generally good, if floor managers are to be used they should actively enforce safety rules.

  7. Cuts: the % level at which cuts are made after each round was discussed. There were no objections to the current level so they will remain in place for 2012.

  8. Matthew Gale of St Benedict’s, Ealing was given the floor: précis: Matthew had previously contacted the committee to ask whether a pupil of his who is a wheelchair fencer could be included in the Championships. The committee discussed this at their November meeting and concluded that it should be a discussion for the Teacher’s meeting. Matthew explained the situation to the meeting and a discussion followed. In summary no definitive answer was found. The meeting asked the committee to explore the possibility of including a demonstration event at the 2012 Championships. They should also contact schools to see if there are other wheelchair fencers who would like to participate in the Championships.

  9. Dates for the 2012 Championships were provisionally given as 20th – 22nd March.

  10. DC thanked the organising committee for their work in preparing and running this year’s Championships.

  11. The meeting closed at 5.30 pm.

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