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Public Schools Fencing Championships Sponsored by the Leon Paul Equipment Co Ltd.
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Public Schools’ Fencing Championships
sponsored by The Leon Paul Equipment Co. Ltd.

Minutes of the Meeting of Teachers i/c Fencing

held in the Meeting Room, Crystal Palace Sports Centre,
on Wednesday 20th March 2013 at 5.00pm.

Present: Keith Smith (Chairman), Jon Milner (Hon. Treasurer & Wimbledon High), Tom Milner (Hon. Secretary), Anthony Cadle (Hymers College), Polly Caffrey (Bradfield College), John Chorley (Benenden), Denis Cranwell (St Benedict’s, Ealing), Denis Cruse (Tonbridge), Julie Dyer (Ladies College), George Fellatar (Wellington), Shaun Garley (Wycliffe College), Ken Holding (Shrewsbury), Hugh Salimbeni (Westminster), James Thornton (Brentwood), Manola Toschi-Restivo (Bishop Challoner), James Young (RGS High Wycombe).

  1. Apologies: none received.
  2. Keith Smith (KS) began the meeting, giving a short history of recent events and how we had reached the current position at Crystal Palace.
  3. The minutes of the meeting of March 23rd 2011 were approved.
    Matters arising: None
  4. A discussion followed on this year’s Championships. The suitability of the venue was once again raised. KS reiterated the fact that it was the only venue in London large enough to hold the event that was readily available during term-time. Leaving London, as shown by the move to Nottingham in 2009 led to a significant drop in entry numbers particularly from schools in London and the south-east which was not matched by increased entry numbers from schools in the north of the country. The organising team was also based in the south and moving out of London would lead to significant increases in costs. KS stated that anyone suggesting an alternative venue should produce a fully costed plan (including budgets for organisation and accommodations ) which could be considered by the committee. For now, the 2014 event would continue at Crystal Palace.
  5. The competition organisation was discussed:
    Tom Milner (committee member running the event) raised the issue of school referees being unable to preside at foil. The majority were only able to referee epee which led to delays in running the foil events over the first two days. Could schools please look at their entries and provide a balance of suitable referees.
    Further to this, JT suggested that perhaps £1-£2 be added to all entry fees or alternatively schools could pay £X to not provide a referee and then a higher daily per diem could be offered to referees. All referees would then be provided by the organising committee. JM stated that we would still not get sufficient numbers of independent referees because of the midweek timing of the event and we were reliant on schools to provide them. DC suggested that the organising committee send a referee reminder document to each school required to provide them.
    JD raised the issue of times of food service in the Lodge. This is a recurring problem each year as the competition does run past service times on the first two days. There was also a complaint about portion sizes being on the small side and hungry fencers. JM to have a word with the Lodge management.

    Suggestions from the meeting to be discussed by the organising committee: Reducing the Mount-Haes DE fights from 15 hits to 10 hits was suggested as a way of shortening the day.
    Could squash courts be hired as warm-up areas?
  6. The committee once again requested more teachers to join the committee, particularly those from girl’s schools. Potential members should be prepared to actively help with the organisation of the Championships. Offers were received from JT and MT-R.
  7. Dates for the 2014 Championships were provisionally given as 18th – 20th March.
  8. A query was made on the requirement for fencers to have British Fencing membership for insurance purposes. As it was a school’s competition was it not sufficient that individual school’s insurance schemes covered their pupils? JM to query with BF.
  9. The meeting closed at 6.15 pm


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